Newborn Portrait Session at Home

A gentle sleepy newborn portrait session in Chichester.

In early January I went to visit this little chap and his parents Chris and Kirsty. Little Jesse was just 6 days old and so snoozy! I think he just about opened his eyes for a few images but soon thought better of it!

Chris and Kirsty were given their photography session as a gift by their friend (another one of my lovely clients) and we carefully arranged a date for when he would be in this dreamy stage. They wanted the main focus to be Jesse but Chris couldn’t resist a few with him and his new son wearing their Portsmouth kits!

As you’ll see Jessy had a dazzling array of outfits, my personal favorite was R2D2!

A photo of a newborn baby wearing a batman costumeA photo of a newborn baby wearing a batman costumeA photo of a baby in a white blanket with two toy dinosoursA photo of a smiling newborn baby wearing an R2D2 Starwars outfitA photo of a babys hand with bright coloured babygrow and blanketA photo of a baby in a blue blankettA photo of a baby in a white blanketA photo of a man holding a baby wearing a blue t-shirt

If you know someone who would love a gift like this then do get in touch and we can arrange something special for them!