Home Newborn Photography Session

A quiet easy-does-it session at home

A photo of a baby in front of star wallpaper

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce this precious little fella – welcome, Buddy!

Here he is, photographed at eleven days old. His mummy, Gabbie, is a good friend of mine. She asked me to take some snuggly shots of him before the blink-and-you-miss-it newborn phase is over!

Little Buddy had a tricky first week in hospital while he adjusted to being in the world. You’d never know it now though! He was beautifully calm and serene throughout the photo shoot, a real treasure. I’m not surprised Gabbie and husband David wanted to capture these darling moments!

The shoot took place at Gabbie and David’s home. In fact, I had the pleasure of photographing Buddy in the same room I’d photographed his sister, Aurora. I took some beautiful pictures of her 4 years ago, when she was just a little bundle like Buddy!

When you’re working with infants, it’s important to be mindful of where they will feel relaxed. With very new babies, accommodating their needs (and those of their parents!) is paramount. This usually means that an informal home photo session is often the best option.

I was able to visit their home and cause minimal disruption to daily routines. I was happy to go with flow and work around feeds and all-important cuddles! It’s the best way to encourage a natural and enjoyable shoot for everyone.

I spent a little time rearranging the nursery, which was to be our backdrop. It features blue star wallpaper which complimented the fun, cozy atmosphere that I wanted to capture. Of course, I was sure to put it back as I’d found it once we’d finished!

The home setting also lent itself well to including a few shots of Aurora with Buddy. As you’ll notice, she was wearing a beautiful dress that coordinated perfectly with Buddy’s outfit (well done, Gabbie!)

Gabbie and David wanted a similar look and feel to the photoshoot I’d done 4 years’ earlier with Aurora. This gave some continuity and theme to the photographs, but also allowed each child to place their own unique stamp on the session!

A special blanket from the nursery had featured in Aurora’s shoot, so this time we used Buddy’s blanket for some snuggly shots of him. We also included other cherished items from friends and family. As you’ll see, one of Buddy’s star-themed floor mats and toy octopus gave the ‘dreamy baby’ vibe a more playful angle.

We were all delighted with the range of photographs captured during this shoot. It includes the full spectrum of Buddy’s expressions! Sleepy, wide awake and everything in between, which for me is what it’s all about.

As you’ll see from the photographs featured here, we had a great day full of fun and smiles. A personal favourite shows Aurora, in hysterics while trying to copy her brother’s pose!