50th Birthday Portrait Session

A fun portrait session for Mum’s birthday present at West Witterings Beach, Chichester.

A photo of a teenage girl and boy wearing coats sitting in grasses, laughing at the beach.

Sometimes a nice bunch of flowers or gift voucher doesn’t feel quite special enough, particularly for a significant event. While they’re lovely at the time, they don’t offer lasting enjoyment. So, why not treat a loved one to a gift that will keep on giving?

Well, that’s exactly what one of my recent clients, Gordon, contacted me about!

Gordon was looking for a Chichester based portrait photographer to create something special for his wife’s upcoming 50th birthday. I was more than happy to oblige! He decided that what Jilly would like most, is a professional photograph of their two teenage children, Bella and Will.

I arranged to meet Bella and Will at West Wittering beach – one of my favorite locations, thanks to its many textures and backgrounds.

The day of our meeting was a particularly cold one. We decided against the beach front (in the interests of keeping all our extremities intact!) and instead set up in the shelter of the sand dunes. This allowed me to make use of the grasses – their muted tones created a soft, blurred background along with some pleasing foreground texture.

A black and white, mid-length photo of a teenage girl and boy, wearing black coats in Sand dunes

Bella told me that Jilly is a keen photographer herself, with a unique eye for an unusual image. Bella said that throughout their childhood, Jilly was rarely without a camera. She liked to take close-ups of the little details – like eyes and hands – of her growing children.

This was music to my ears! I love it when clients are drawn to something quirky and a little bit different. With this in mind, I took some close-ups and used the more unusual angles of their faces (as you’ll see).

Leaving the sand dunes behind, we sought out the beach huts. These provided a beautifully calm backdrop. Bella and Will felt that the pale duck egg colors would sit well with the decor of their home.

The beach huts provided some shade, creating soft lighting that was perfect for the portraits. I also used the low sideways light for creative effect, which can be seen in the more moody portraits of both Bella and Will individually.

As we approached the end of the session, the sun put in a welcome appearance. So, having warmed up a little, we decided to venture out onto the beach for a few action shots. Bella and Will strolled happily along the sandy beach with the beautiful winter light behind them. We captured some really special moments during this photoshoot, ones that I’m sure Jilly will treasure.

If you’re looking for a photographer in Chichester and there’s a special birthday coming up for someone you love, do get in touch! I’d be delighted to help you create something truly personal and unique for them.